The Doctor

Dr. PettetDr. Christopher Pettet, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Pettet received his doctorate in Chiropractic from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois and holds two separate Bachelors of Science in Biology and Human Biology. He grew up in the small vacation town of South Haven, Michigan before locating to sunny Clearwater, Florida and opening a practice in 1996.

Dr Pettet grew up in a household where chiropractic was always considered a healthcare option. During teenage years he suffered from debilitating migraines to whiplash where manual adjustment was the only treatment option that offered any significant and lasting benefit. The concept of seeking to treat a problem versus medicating the symptoms remains the focus of Dr. Pettet’s practice today.

As a life long athlete, Dr. Pettet realizes the stress and physical abuse a body can take. That understanding comes from being a collegiate swimmer at Eastern Michigan University where the team won 4 consecutive Mid-American Championships. That success came from not only grueling practices but the ability to minimize injuries. He feels manual care not only helps avoid injury, but optimizes the body’s performance.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology
  • Bachelor of Science Biology

  • Doctorate of Chiropractic. National College of Chiropractic, Lombard Illinois State Licensed in Florida (#7210)
  • Ongoing Continuing Education and Neurology; including 150 classroom hours in advanced study of electrodiagnostics (NCV, EMG)

The true benefit of chiropractic care is regular adjustment. Dr. Pettet's primary goal as a practitioner is to ensure that each patient receives the highest standard of care. From his years of experience he has developed a unique method of mixing physiotherapy, massage, and osseous adjustment to effectively treat your health issues.

In addition to neck and back issues, he also works with injuries to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Dr. Pettet is committed to all of your health needs and to expedite your healing process. He is affiliated with many health experts to meet all of your needs.

Dr. Pettet continually strives to expand his chiropractic knowledge and regularly attends continuing education studies to keep current to better serve you. He is caring person who realizes that everyone is unique and provides care that is tailored to individual needs.

Carmen (Sissy) AlizoCarmen (Sissy) Alizo

Medical Assistant (MA)

Carmen has been working with Dr. Pettet since November 2004. Chances are when you call our office you will be greeted by her helpful and friendly words of welcome.

Originally from Venezuela, she is fluent in both English and Spanish.

She will answer all of your questions and make you feel good about your decision to visit our office. Her chronic good mood and cheerful attitude rubs off on everyone around her giving our office a “feel-good” atmosphere. She is in charge of all administrative tasks related to patient care (scheduling, insurance eligibility and benefits, billing, patient records, etc.).